Code: LCM


Program Name: Shampoo Bar Smooth Hair For Beginner Lavender Coconut Milk


Reference: This shampoo bar equivalent 4 to 5 of commercial shampoos*, but no artificial color, preservatives, detergents, urea, formaldehyde, DEA, propylene glycol (that caused dry, itchy and irritated scalp and contribute to hair loss).


This special formula named Lavender Coconut Shampoo Bar that will boost hair growth, reduce hair loss because it contains 100% natural plant oils (no palm oil), organic herbs, and scented with organic botanical essential oils with therapeutic value.



Saponified virgin coconut oil, organic canola oil, organic castor oil, organic sunflower oil, provitamin b5, fresh coconut milk, organic coconut milk powder, organic lavender essential oil, organic lavender flower


How to crack the code:

1. Use it directly onto your wet hair, make sure no residue left. RINSE A LOT.

2. Lather on your hands and just use the foam for shampoo.



1. Pour ACV directly onto washed hair. Wash again after 5 mins.

2. Use it as leave on conditioner. No wash needed.


Bug To Solve IRL*:

Combination and Dry Hair Type



Using shampoo bar is a commitment and the next level of caring about your hair and your environment altogether. You may experience detox (withdrawal) while using this shampoo bar. Your detox may lasts between a week to a month depends on your hair condition, how damage it is, your genetic, hard water at your home, and your diet. Your hair may feels funny, flaky, not bouncy, greasy, dry, or combination of both extremes.


BUT DONT WORRY! It doesnt last forever! AND BE PATIENT! Your hair got too much chemical so its shocked to have to live without it! Get our Apple Cider Vinegar to bring back the body and fasten the detox process!



100-110 gr


*refers to our note: How To Make A Bar Lasts Long

*In Real Life


Shampoo Bar Smooth Hair For Beginner Lavender Coconut Milk



    If your soap is melting a bit, mushy, and goey, it is actually a good news! It means, your soap is made by 100% natural oils! Natural soap like bodyandco's soap bars or shampoo bars are made by organic plant oils with cold process technique that makes it different than any other commercial soaps that are made from surfactant/detergent/SLS or any "hardener" inside.


    Because of its made by natural oils, and without palm oil (this oil tends to make soap firmer, but hey! we care about orang utan!) the downside is, well, this kind of soap does not last as long as commercial soaps or as natural soaps that contain palm oil. This is why you have to know about this tips to make your soap or shampoo bars last longer:

    • avoid a soap bar from contact with water by putting it on a soap dish.
    • avoid direct sun and take it out from super humid place like your bathroom, if necessary. 
    • if you dont have a soap dish, you can put it on shower rack or a coaster but make sure place it away from water and let it dry before use it again.
    • but dont worry, you can still use all the melted soap or shampoo bars until the very last scraps. this is why putting it on soap dish or coaster is really recommended!


    Taking care of your soap and shampoo bar could be challenging for you, but also super wise of you to choose for having a "diet" from thick plastic bottles that we usually throw away after we finish our shower gel or shampoo. If you still feel like your bars go away too fast after you do all those things above, maybe you may consider about these things: 

    • you use shampoo bars as body soap as well (yes shampoo bar is 3 in 1, you can use it as shampoo, soap, and or shaving soap). But having a bar to do those jobs, of course it goes away so fast! try to focus on one thing for one bar :)
    • you dont let it dry enough before you use it again


    So beauty hackers, now we know how and why our bars are so easy to go away. Let us know about your tactic to use our soap and shampoo bars till very last scraps!

  • This description is for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    Please take attention to the ingredients listed on our products, if you have any sensitivities to any listed ingredients should not use the product. In case you have a doubt whether you have sensitive skin or not, always try an allergy patch test or just try with small amount and if at any time irritation occurs, discontinue using the product immediately.