Code: DSLH


Program Name: Dry Shampoo For Light Hair Program


Reference: Refresh hair between washes whether you need a break from shampooing or just need an instant fix for your bad hair day.


Natural formulation to restore your natural beauty, bounce, and body to hair with refreshing essential oil blend that gives hair a fresh and clean scent.


Contains arrowroot, cornstarch, magnesium carbonate, kaolin clay to absorb excess oils, leaving the hair looking freshly washed, add volume and texture, good for all hair types but this particular dry shampoo is good for light hair.


Plaintain in this dry shampoo helps hair growth, great for moisturizing hair, soothes an irritated scalp and balance the oil production.

Along with essential oils blend such tea tree, bargamot, grapefruit, lemon, mint, and rosemary to help balance natural oils and refresh scalp.



Organic arrowroot powder, non-GMO cornstarch, magnesium carbonate, kaolin clay, organic plantain, blend of essential oils: tea tree, bargamot, grapefruit, lemon, mint, rosemary.


How to crack the code:

put the program directly onto your hair, to your palm first then to your hair,  or with makeup brush to your hair. remove the excess.


Bug To Solve IRL*:

Bad hair day condition



50 gr


*In Real Life

Dry Shampoo For Light Hair Program

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