We have started formulating natural beauty programs since Shelly, the founder, tried to heal her skin problems. She came across a natural lemongrass soap that successfully cured her eczema and back acne. Since then, her addiction to natural soaps began. She made her first soap for her family and friends who shared the same problems and decided to launch Body and Co. that initially only selling handmade and organic soap.

But it did not stop there, Body and Co. grows to be more than just a fancy cute handmade soap, its evolved to a broader scope: Body and Company, meaning from hair to body care products, and all because of three main problems that are common in Indonesia.


First, people in Indonesia are addicted to whitening products that contains harmful ingredients, especially if those products are used for prolonged period of time. Have you ever wondered why eczema or other dermatitis problems are so common nowadays? Because we get more and more exposure to chemicals, and some of them are dangerous for skin. Mercury in whitening creams, parabens in most of commercial skincare products, sls/detergent in shampoo and soap. You name it.

Second, we consume and we use many products that contain palm oil. Indonesia is the world's largest producer of palm oil and is infamous from the deforestation for palm oil production. This process threatens rainforest ecosystems, destroy the habitats of endangered species such as orangutans, elephants, and tigers. In 2016, only 45,000 orangutans remained in Borneo and at this rate, they will be extinct in just 25 years.

Third, the fact that Indonesia is the second biggest source of plastic waste in the world. Way too many things that we consume and use are packaged in plastic. We produce plastic waste in our daily life from the time we wake up until we back to sleep, we throw a lot of plastics that not only damage the environment, animals, but also can harm human population health in near future.

Body and Co. do not want to contribute to these problems! We hack the beauty industry with traditional formula using all the goodness from mother nature such as herbs and spices, natural plant oils, organic plant butters, and natural clays those are ingredients that not only safe for your skin but also for environment. We're also trying to minimise the use of plastic packaging in our products. If we have to use, for example, plastic jars, they can be easy re-reuses as storage jars. We do care about the jungle and animals, so we have a strict policy on not using palm oil or any other ingredients that may harm them. 

We care about you and what you put on your skin, we care about our children, and our planet. We are your geek friends who want to help you to find a smart way out of the mass-market beauty skincare and personal care. We're constantly geeking out, finding what is the next perfect formula from the nature that will work for you to use every day.

Our program hopefully will bring you to the next level of sustainable life, for you to embrace more the beauty of the nature and the potential in it. You can start here, our natural hair and body care products are made from organic ingredients, cruelty free, paraben free, SLS/SLSA/detergents free, palm oil free, and made in small batches in Bali. 

This is the way Body and Co. is created. This is the way you can start!


PS: Body and Co. is a natural beauty hacker, a geek product made for savvy and eco-concious people, so we will talk a bit in geeky terms in every possible ways :)